Joel Proto, Lead Guitar

Joel Proto, Lead Guitar

“The most fascinating and wonderful thing about Joel Proto is not what you think it would be. I mean, yes it’s definitely his skill and prowess as one of the nations lead guitar stars but that’s not what stuck with me. I’ve interviewed and been in the presence of hundreds of Rock n’ roll icons, gods and demi-gods in my career as a writer. What sticks about Joel is that he is a lovely guy. I actually WANT to talk to him. He is the opposite of every stuck up, pretentious guitar nut sack that has ever been a cock just because he could…or felt it made him better musician.

His experience and skill is evident. He’s put in decades with great bay area bands such as :
Ghost Town
Psychedelic Cowboy
California Kings
Ultra Velvet
The Substitutes
Medievel Knievel
No Thanks (LA based)
and all of that is relevant. The greatest part about writing this book was knocking back a few beers with Joel and talking shop because he’s just a rad fuckin’ guy. We talked of his influences and heroes such as:
Marc Ford (Black Crowes)
Keith Richards/Ronnie Wood/Mick Taylor
Stevie Ray Vaughn
Mike Campbell (Tom Petty and the Heatbreakers)
Jimmy Page
Ace Frehley
Randy Rhodes

In my observation and expertise he has the suave and effortlessness of Hendrix coupled with the focus and grace of Page….and humility my friends….his humility in the wake of his tremendous talent is the winning factor. He has earned his title and status in this book and will no doubt live on in infamy as the really nice guy that can play the shit out of a guitar”

– from the novel Guitar Gods and the Women Who Love Them by Trixie Esteban

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