Casey Crenshaw, Rhythm Guitar

Casey Crenshaw, Rhythm Guitar

October 23, 1976.

The sound of stressed shocks and struts creaking fills the moon lit woods. The emblazoned, airbrushed scene of the horseback rider staring off into the distance of the Grand Canyon, shakes tenderly on the old van, as it sways gently in the night. Through the lust steamed panes of glass, and past the sun stained velvet coverings, two teens scour bare knees and elbows on bong water scented shag carpeting. The sweet tones of the Bob Seger’s just released the day before, soon to be classic “Night Moves” plays softly, as the 8 track cassette hisses in the dash.

The branches of the surrounding willows dance a divine choreography, as the wind howls in perfect harmony with the song as it approaches its crescendo….

“Felt the lightning” sings the soulful voice of the god of Detroit, while the teens pulses race in synchronicity.

“And waited on the thunder…” the clouds overtake the moon and darken the Dodge down below. Chaos stirs the sky…. A bolt of lighting strikes the antenna of the van at the very moment of the song when you can tell Bob is really feeling it.

“Waited on the thunnnnnnddaarrr!!!!”

They say that was the moment of conception. 9 months to the day later, Casey Crenshaw entered the world, humming a song from 1962.

With Rock n Roll as part of his DNA, Casey went from child to man, all the while strengthening his rock n’ soul with the gifts Dionysus and Apollo left for him… The Stones, Johnny Thunders, The Replacements, The Stooges, The Silver Bullet Band… A smattering of what he has ingested from the audio osmosis that is his life.

It is with great pride that Casey Crenshaw get to spread the infectious powers of Rock n’ Roll to the world. From his first ever hardcore band Masturbation, to his touring days with rock greats American Heartbreak, to his time with pop punk legends The Invalids, bay area greats The Butlers, and all the countless songwriting projects and jam sessions between, Casey keeps working on the night moves, offering up huge doses of Rock n Roll medicine with FeatherWitch.

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